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****LUKE'S**** review of (The Science of Getting Rich Online)

From ****LUKE**** ......Read the article below and look at the dates when Gauher Chaudhry wrote it. Please read on and you see the fraud that he is. What you are about to read is copyrighted by Gauher Chaudhry. I found his sight today and I signed up for his offer. The only positive thing I have to say is that it is free. Here is the link it is probably best for you to see the actual site before you read what I have to say. Here is the link (please make a bogus yahoo email for this). I went through the steps, called my brother to sign up and after he did there was no money in my pay pal account. OK before you are thinking that it takes time to put money in paypal think of this. We are supposed to make a ton of money off of this "scheme" and it would involve thousands of people. How in the hell is he going to make tens of thousands of transactions through paypal to the people who are making Gauher Chaudhry money. You will see that I use Gauher Chaudhry name a lot through this post and Im sure you know why. Please read on.

Gauher Chaudhry’s Blog
Marketing for today with an eye on the future…
The Death of Credibility
January 13th, 2007
"With the rise of controversy marketing as a tool to generate more buzz and hype on the Internet recently, most of the marketers who are employing this strategy are completing missing the boat.
Fear mongering has been a strategy that has been used for decades in the advertising world and heavily in politics.
If you are going to proclaim the death of "fill blank here", you better make sure it is really dead.
I mean you better take a Louisville slugger baseball bat and hit whatever you are proclaiming is dead over the head before it gets up and destroys your credibility.
Running around like chicken little proclaiming that the sky is falling was cute the first time, but give it a rest. Probably the latest "death of" report to irritate me was proclaiming the death of CPA in 2007. Of course the author was trying to push his product as the alternative to cost per action lead model.
This completely goes against every article I have read in the last six months on the dramatic rise in CPA marketing.
But if this really is true, somebody better get on the phone with the guys at Google and let them know not to release their new CPA Adsense model because it is going to die this year.
I am sure Sergey and Larry will be forever grateful.
Why some well-known marketers are making bold "death of" claims puzzles me and I think we witnessed in 2006 the death
in the credibility of a lot of marketers,
I see a lot of things changing in 2007 as marketers start relying less on the opinions of the "Internet Marketing Guru" and rely more on social networking before making buying decisions.
This is where I see the future of the Internet moving towards.
The clear proof was when Affiliate Project X launched on the same day as Stompernet. Nobody heard very much about Affiliate Project X, until the word started getting around in the forums that this was actually an ebook that provided a lot of value.
Then everyone jumped on it and it went on to become one of the highest grossing ebooks on Clickbank selling on the buzz of its quality.
This was a clear example of viral marketing by marketing peers rather than JV partners.
With the number of product launches in 2006, it became clear that a lot of the affiliates who were joint venture partners in these launches were more interested in their affiliate commissions than the success of their list members.
I even heard of a product launch where the top prize to the best affiliate was a car.
Now, don’t you think the affiliates are going to be *slightly* biased when trying to pitch that product (most of
whom have no understanding of) to their list?
Gee I wonder?
Selling for short-term**** LUKE**** I have to break in. Pay very close attention to the short term part above and remember it while you read further**** gain at the expense of long-term gain is an extremely flawed logic.
The copywriting and marketing techniques in 2007 will be even better and slicker. It remains to be seen about the quality of the products.
The one thing I can be *sure* of that will occur if more marketers start proclaiming the "death of" without any real evidence is the death of their credibility."

****LUKE **** AGAIN, I MUST BREAK IN. Ok this is where you would happen upon Gauher Chaudhry’s site. It

would tell you that he has a ‘scientific way to make money online, in only five steps****
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**** LUKE **** "Avoid the URL below it is used for many SCHEMES. $is bs$

****LUKE**** "I will keep searching for a good program and I will keep damning the bad ones. Please come back for updates" .

Finding your "niche"

Copyright 2005 Stephen Wright
If you haven't heard the word 'niche' being batted around by Internet Marketers then you haven't been listening. Finding a niche has become the antidote to competing in overly saturated online markets.
What is a niche?
According to Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary a niche is described as "a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted... a specialized market".
Have you noticed that despite the closing of many businesses in these harsh economic times, the local hobby train store is still around? That the 'hole-in-the-wall' eatery is thriving? Or that trends such as scrapbooking can start with a bang and still close within a year when four similar businesses start up in the same area?
The online business world reflects the same trends as experienced in the offline world - often with faster turnover and startup rates. Those who promote a product or site that targets a small, select audience can tap into a market that is otherwise not being served. Despite the limitations of the client base, the targeted nature of the business creates a devoted and active market - the aim of any business.
Finding a niche requires diligent research. Whether you have access to software that harvests and sorts information or you take a manual approach you must first start with ideas.
With a pen and paper (or computer, if that's more comfortable) brainstorm a list of businesses, products and industries. Create a list of keywords and phrases you think would be used by individuals looking for these items online.
Use a software program such as Wordtracker or a free resource such as the Overture Keyword Selector Tool to find keywords for your niche that have a high amount of traffic.
Although a program like Wordtracker makes it easy to find details such as how many sites compete for that market, you can also do your own research.
Concentrate your attention on question phrases such as "how do I..." or "where can I...". These questions will clue you into potential markets that need servicing.
Next, look in Google Answers. Type one of your keywords into the search area. What questions are being asked and how much are people willing to pay for answers? If you find a group of keywords with a high number of questions then enter these words in your browser's search engine.
What sites come up? Do they provide answers or solutions to the problem? How are they making money? Can you see an opportunity to service these individuals?
Finding a niche can open the door to a profitable online business. Research the market and be certain that your product or service is valuable to this group. Find forums or groups that target this audience and pay close attention to their concerns.
If you can help these people you WILL make money. The best of both worlds!
About the author: Stephen Wright is President & CEO of We personally build a Money Making Website Just For You - 100% Ready To Take Orders And Pull In Massive Residual Profits ! Get the details today at:

25 ways to promote your site

Offline Promotions 1.Always include your URL on all company letterhead, business cards, signage and paper advertisements such as flyers or newspapers ads. 2.Using uniforms with your corporate slogan can we a walking reminder to all your customers who they are doing business with, and who they should return to in the future for all similar services. 3.Develop some promotional items with your URL to give away for free. Whether it?s something as simple as a free pen, or something a little nicer like a java mug, placing your website name on these items will remind whoever possesses it about your business and its products. 4.When dealing with the media, including your URL with all press releases will mean it possibly showing up in their articles, giving your site a whole new world of exposure and audience. 5.Signage for corporate vehicle can now be as easy as a metal sticker. Don?t forget to add your URL to your vehicles, and pass by thousands of potential customers for free. 6.Include your URL in your phone book listing, and make sure your company is listed properly. Just like search engine listings, phone book ads for businesses can be just as tricky, so be sure you are added to the correct category when registering your business. 7.Display your products in a catalog that customers can peruse offline, and add your URL and toll free number to every page. 8.Promotional giveaways through such organizations as radio stations, churches, or gyms can be great ways to spread the word about your company and website. Make sure all donations or giveaways are done in the name or your website, and you are sure many folks will hear about your URL. 9.Develop a quality, custom, logo. This tool can be used in co-operation with all the above, and more, giving you even more of an impact on your potential customers. They will have an easier time remembering your URL if it is incorporated into an attractive, colorful, logo. Online Promotions 10.Develop a weekly newsletter for announcing special discounts, industry events, or corporate news for customers and site visitors alike. This will bring back old customers for repeat business, as well as develop new customers whom initially sign up for just the newsletter. 11.Develop free articles for publication, distribution and submission all across the web. There are many directories, e-zines and webmasters just waiting for your free articles to add to their resources. Not only does this bring your site more exposure through the links back the articles contain, but it helps enhance your reputation as an expert in your industry. 12.Correctly optimize your website, especially your homepage, for the keyword terms most relevant to your products or services. 13.Add detailed, keyword filled content to every important page of your website, especially your main URL. This will further optimize your site for search engines, and gain you more exposure through higher rankings. Just a simple paragraph about what you do and a picture is not enough. The word keywords the better. 14.Explore PPC (Pay Per Click) listings through Overture or Google AdWords, to balance out or beef up the exposure you are already getting through you well optimized URL. 15.Include an ?exchange links? option on your links page, or even devote an entire page to this option for your site visitors. This will develop more links back to your site, and more exposure will follow. 16.Create you own links directory, by searching out link partners who offer similar or complimentary services or products, yet are not in direct competition with you. 17.Come up with creative, yet cost effective, sweepstakes and promotions for online customers. Apply it through using the signups for your weekly or monthly newsletter as entries. Offer visitors more entries if they can suggest your site or newsletter to a friend, and then contact that person via email with the appropriate information for them to signup as well. 18.Harness the power of numbers and create an affiliate program to use hundreds, even thousands of others to sell your service as well. For a nominal share in the profits this advertising pays for itself because it is performance based, not traffic based. You pay for what you get. 19.All orders placed online should include an invoice printed on corporate letterhead, a product catalog, and a free promotional gift such as a pen or mug as described in #3. 20.Have someone from your staff participate regularly in online discussion groups, signing all responses with the hyperlinked URL of your website. A very effective technique to get many employees interested in corporate promotion is to allow certain ?breaks? in their day, which are specifically centered around them being online, discussing industry news in industry related forums and chat rooms. They are free to meet new people, surf the chat room of their choice (as long as it related to your business) and converse with whom they wish. 21.Invite customer feedback through an online poll, and find out exactly what they want, how they want it, and if you have got it or not. 22.Create mini-sites to add exposure for your main URL, and then place these sites on auctions sites like e-bay. Run special promotions and prices for certain items just on these mini-sites, for specific blocks of time, and find out exactly how successful this tool turned out by your order fluctuations. 23.Place min adds in classified directories all directly linking back to your main URL. Most often these classified sites are free, or charge very little to place an ad on a regular basis. 24.Create a forum on your own website for customers whom are interested in your products. For instance, if you run a mortgage site, creating a forum for buyers and sellers of homes to exchange tips and experiences on selling their homes, and finding their newest dream homes, would be quite a nice marketing tool. 25.Utilize the power of the internet to spread links back to your site by developing a tool that countless numbers of people, even people loosely related to your industry, would find interesting and beneficial to their visitors. When they place the tool on their site, the code will have a link back to your site already in it, because you develop the product. Such tools could be traffic counters, online poll tools, and free search engine submission devices.

by Josh Greth

eBay affiliate program

Copyright 2005 Anthony Samuel
Getting started with the eBay affiliate program is as simple as 4 easy steps. eBay knows you have a business to run, so they have created a step-by-step guide to see you down the road of success. With the eBay Affiliate Program, you could bring in an extra $25,000 a month, as well as gain access to many tools and strategies that will optimize the working of your website, its effectiveness with search engines and on the Web in general. Getting started in a successful venture has never been so easy.
Step# 1
To register for the eBay Affiliate Program simply to go and do a little research. When you have seen the unlimited opportunities for success that the eBay Affiliate program affords its members, you will next want to click on the ?API Program Join Now? button. At this point you will be prompted to select the platform you would like to join with. The platform you choose will influence the tier and type of business your eBay Affiliate Status becomes. Each platform offers unique advantages, and should be considered carefully. Once you have selected your program platform, simply click the Join Now button for that particular platform.
Step# 2
After you have completed your application, the eBay Affiliate network you choose will send you an email with your login details and instructions on getting started. The application process itself is easy, and simply requires some information about your business. This information helps eBay optimize the tools and guidelines they provide you for your success. The application takes only a few minutes, and is not sold to competitors. The Affiliate network you chose will be in touch with your personal information and you can get started with your successful new venture.
Step# 3
Once you have received your password and login information, you can proceed to the affiliate network site to find eBay banners, text links, and search boxes. This website offers detailed tracking statistics. The tracking statistics will help you see which products and companies are performing best. This information will help guide you as you develop your affiliation with eBay, and will enable you to make the best decisions for your website?s performance.
Step# 4
The last step to success with the eBay Affiliate Program is to further grow your eBay strategy using the affiliate website and all of its many features. The affiliate website will not only get you started down your road to success with eBay, but they will provide you with invaluable tools to maximize your strategy. These tools and kits will help you transition into the affiliate member you want to be, and will continue to keep you updated so you stay current with trends and technology.
These 4 easy steps take you from learning about the eBay Affiliate Program, to being a super successful eBay affiliate.
About the author: Anthony Samuel is a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years home based business experience in, Internet Information Marketing, Real Estate, & Stocks. Visit his website for the internet's top money making opportunities.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Give it your all

In online as well as off line marketing 97% of the folks are failing. Why is that? For starters most people don't take their business seriously enough to develop and incorporate the necessary business building actions.
Many are working their businesses as if they were playing with their hobby. Success in any business venture requires going the extra mile...reaching beyond the comfort zone.
In MLM and Affiliate Marketing, going the extra mile requires going beyond attempting to satisfy our own personal needs, wants and desires, and reaches outside of self. It requires going that extra mile to focus on and helping others achieve their needs, wants and desires.
You'll note that successful MLM and Affiliate Marketers are taking the time and efforts to focus on their team. They are positioned to offer nurturing through leadership to their down-line. Here they teach by leading, which offers a personal example.
Sure, nurturing your down-line takes time and stretches you. But, the upside is it will not only transform you but all the lives you are touch.
How can you do that?
* Have faith in your team * Encourage them * Show appreciation for them * Trust them and their judgments * Openly and honestly share with your team * Offer a system of support and training * Take responsibility when you make mistakes
Leadership calls you to be an example to your organization. It calls for taking time to get to know the members of your team personally discovering what they need to effectively build their business, and offering acknowledgment for a job well done. It requires you to put your actions where your mouth is...actions speaks louder than words.
Stop for a moment and give this some thought. How many people do you know in who YOU see great potential laying dormant...just waiting to be discovered and developed? For example, you know a child who had tremendous abilities to succeed in a given area. What's needed is a caring adult (usually a parent) to identify that ability, bring it to the child's attention in a way he/she can understand, then begin to consistently encourage that child's confidence in the development of that area. Before too long, Voila! that child is accomplishing great things.
Well, as a leader for an MLM or Affiliate organization your responsibilities to your down-line are much the same.
We've all heard it; It's about building relationships. People are looking for people in who they 'trust' to develop their business associations. The truth is that many of these folks deep, deep down KNOW they Can, and are looking for someone to mentor them, bringing forth that confidence ... BELIEVING that they can.
As you tap into your full potential in becoming a leader, and demonstrating such qualities to your group, you'll be surprised to discover that they will become far more productive. You'll build a stronger organization of team players, begin to see the leadership skills developed in potential leaders who will in turn duplicate your efforts, because they respect and trust you.
One of the most wonderful things about taking responsibility for leadership is it gives you the opportunity to be an encourager, a potential developer and a giver of hope. Great leaders are givers of hope to their team, when folks can't find that hope within themselves.
Being a trustworthy leader has many, many benefit. One of the most important is that it enables you to build and maintain an open workable relationship with your team members, which usually results in life long friendships. An added BONUS is that you will discover personal growth and development beyond your wildest imagination. You'll love the new you!
So let's re-cap, we see that by providing effective leadership to your organization, you'll develop trust, energize your team to become more productive, and build a stronger organization of team players and leaders. This is tapping into your true potential as well as the potential of your organization. Your organization will only be as effective as your are in it's leadership.

Not get rich quick, but a profession

Network marketing is a profession. In order to master any profession, you need proper training. Often people start a network marketing business with no or only minimal training. The training that network marketing companies teach is often not enough. How do I dare to say that? Just look at the numbers. Our industry has huge attrition rates. Majority of new network marketers fail to generate the extra income they are after when starting their businesses, and many just quit or start a new venture hoping for better success in the next one.
What do you need to become a network marketing professional?
First of all, you need to commit to personal development in order to build the correct mindset. You need to dedicate time daily to read personal development books and/ or listen to CDs and tapes to build a success mindset. You have probably heard the saying: The amount of money you make will always be in direct proportion to your personal growth. The most successful people have mentors and coaches in various areas of life.
Secondly, your task as a network marketer is to build a huge contact or lead database. It doesn?t help to have a great product/service or opportunity, if you don?t have enough prospects to share your product/service or recruiting information with. The biggest challenge network marketers face is how to generate quality leads. Network marketing companies teach people various methods to prospect and promote their businesses, e.g. their warm market, talk to anyone (so called 3 ft rule), advertise free in the internet and generate leads through your website, place ads in local newspapers, post flyers around town etc. Many network marketing companies also recommend to buy opportunity seeker leads the prices of which range from pennies to several dollars a piece. I personally believe that all of these methods work if you just work them long and persistently enough. However, the question is who has the persistency and funds to do it? You need a simple methodology that works for you and you truly believe in yourself, and most importantly that is easy to duplicate and teach to your team members.
Thirdly, network marketing is a sales profession. If someone tells you that you don?t have to sell anything when you join a network-marketing program, it is simply not true. You might not need to sell a product or service, but you need to sell an idea to the other person to get him or her involved. It is a form of selling and you need to get good at it before you can really succeed in network marketing. You need to know how to create a compelling message to invite the prospects to take a look at your information, you need to be able to answer the questions and concerns, and most importantly, you need to know the correct way to ask for the final decision i.e. close. Sales skills also comprises of being a good listener and the ability to build relationships.
If you master these three areas: correct mindset, methodology to generate prospects, sales skills, you are a network marketing professional.
About the author: Rita Rinttila is vice president of marketing, Mentors on a Mission. Mentors on a Mission is a global training and mentoring company that is helping network marketers maximize their potential by providing results oriented mentoring, practical training, easy to apply methodology, and an earn as you learn opportunity.

Making time to make money

If there's one thing that's become crystal-clear to me recently during the past several months - it's the dilemma of finding the time to do my MLM business.
With the advent of coordinating the construction of a room-addition on our house, having my wife spend five weeks in the hospital to delay the birth of our twin boys, and then have our boys spend two months in the hospital intensive care nursery, AND constructing a website for my wife's home- based has been - to put it lightly...busy.
But you know what?
We're all 'busy'.
And to you, as a beginning networker working that list of MLM leads you just bought, those are all just excuses.
Especially if you're the person on the other end of my phone and were wanting me to join you in your fledgling MLM home- based biz-op.
I'll explain...
If you asked me to join you on your path to success with your main company and I came up with all that stuff in order so that I could give you the impression that I was 'just too busy'...well, it would just be MLM human nature for you to view all that as another excuse from a prospect.
MLM human nature that would cause you to say "NEXT!" and then move on to your next cold-call prospect.
But what if I said to you something to the effect of...
"I can't do that MLM stuff right now, the basketball finals are just starting on four satellite channels."
"I'm in the middle of reading this really cool book, call me later."
"I can't do that prospecting stuff in the evening, I have to go to bed early so I can get a good night's sleep and be rested for work tomorrow."
"I can't make those calls to those fresh MLM leads on the east coast first thing tomorrow morning. I have to have breakfast and read my daily morning newspaper."
Pretty lame excuses, eh? I wouldn't blame you if you wrote off anyone saying that kind of stuff.
But you know what?
How many of you 'busy' yourself up with that kind of stuff on a daily basis?
How many hours a week do YOU spend watching the television, or reading the newspaper or that favorite novella every day or still thinking you need eight to nine hours of sleep EVERY night?
I'll hazard a guess that most of you do. Heaven knows, I did at one time.
There was a time before I got serious about networking and working my MLM business that I too thought that I 'had' to watch 2-3 hours of television every day. And sleep a good eight hours in order to feel rested and last through the next day. And to get up and start my day by reading the depressing news in the newspaper for about a half hour to an hour.
I did this EVERY day.
And then I'd complain that I didn't have enough time to 'do things'...
...Like work my new MLM business.
...Like prospect for prospects.
...Like contact the ones that wanted me to contact them.
...Like read the stuff to help me be strong in my business dealings.
...Like work the phone and call back people who had left messages for me to call THEM.
When I realized that there was only going to be one way that I would 'find' more time in my days...things changed.
My MLM business changed.
How I spent my days changed.
The results I had in life changed.
Instead of sleeping 8 to 9 hours every day...I decided that I only needed 6 hours of sleep to get through each day.
Instead of reading the newspaper for almost an hour every day...I read books that built me up as a human being and that benefitted me in every corner of my life. Not just my MLM business.
Instead of watching 2 to 3 hours of the tube every day ...I now watch about one hour of television A MONTH.
Am I bragging?
Was it tough to give this stuff up?
It was like coming off an addiction. It was as if someone was asking me to give up a piece of my-self.
Was it worth it?
Darn right it was!
Can you do the same?
Only you know the answer to that one.
How badly do you want to find the hours to work your MLM business each and every week?
How badly to you want to stop hiding behind the excuse that you're 'too busy'?
How badly do you want to move beyond where you are now (which incidentally is a continuing repeat of where you were many times before)?
It takes persistence, guts, and the 'gotta wanna' drive in order to fully change your life.
Change what you want...and you change your thoughts.
Change your thoughts...and you 'change' your mind.
Change your mind...and you change yourself.
Change yourself...and you change your life.
Change your life...and you are MAKING your world.
What world do you want to make from now on?....
How badly do you want your world to include a viable, working, successful MLM business venture that takes the heat off of you to provide for yourself and/or your family in this world?
How willing are you to start looking for where you can find that 7 to 10 hours to begin a genuine effort to give yourself what you desperately want to hold in your life.
Peace of mind.
If you've already trimmed your life like I'm talking about above, then Bravo! for you.
If you haven't, then I offer you these last few words.
If you've read what I've written and you think that I'm absolutely wacko for writing it and you're going to hit the 'back' button on your browser right now...all I ask is for you to think about one thing tomorrow, before you do anything drastic.
When you get up tomorrow morning and are reading your daily blast of 'news' while eating breakfast...
...and you're relaxing in front of the television after your busy day at the J.O.B. or after a long day at home looking after the rugrats...
...and when you are hitting the sack at night for your daily long dose of zzzz's....
...think about what I wrote for you today.
Ask yourself --
-- "How is this activity (T.V./sleeping/junk reading) helping me get what I want out of my MLM business?"
After asking that and after thinking about it, if you discover that you are in the eeniest, tiniest, smallest way wondering how to make this MLM stuff work out better for you...
Begin with this small step...
Begin to change your life by changing what you want. You'll find that 'finding the time' will become second nature for you. Those seven to twenty hours EVERY week will just pop up in your life like magic.
And just wait until you discover for yourself what you can then 'busy' yourself with trying to fill them up.

(Andre Best)